03 November 2010

Glasgow Science Museum - take 2

We made it to the Glasgow Science museum this morning around 10.30am. This time, I know shock horror, they were open. We managed to spend... the whole day here. We pushed kids out of the way left right and centre and played with every exhibit they had there, even the foot piano that was only for kids under seven. It was great. The Wallace and Gromit bit was cool. I personally loved the make your own animation bit. Unfortunately my first one didn't send. Here is my second one:
Not bad hay??!? totally doing more of this when I get home, clever me :) Neil made one too, but it was rude.

Once again, we find ourselves in a pub, in possession on beer/cider. What a shame. One day left. Not worried about admitting that I am looking forward to going home and seeing my dogs (and family and friends and shit)

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Ann S said...

Ann S says
Isn't Glasgow great when everything is shut and the weather is crap! Glad you got to the science museum - I didnt get to the 'other' side of the river. Impressed with Kelvingrove museum
Look forward to you getting home too. ETA?