13 July 2015

Lelepa Island

Well, Lelepa was certainly a case of saving the best til last.  This was a really great trip, we both had the best day.  The young blokes running the tour were really nice, the snorkelling, once I got over my little issue with putting my head in the water and breathing without panicking, was totally amazing.  It also might have spoiled me for snorkelling for a while, as I suspect it is going to be pretty hard to beat.  The lunch was very tasty.  We then went to a cave which was pretty impressive.  From there it was on to the second even impressive snorkelling place.  This one was off the boat, which kind of freaked me out, as you couldn’t put your feet down, but I survived.  Lastly we went to the village on the island to have afternoon tea and shop.  At least with these souvenirs you could tell a lot of them were made on the island. After that it was back to the bus.  We were about to pull up when our driver got a phone call to say we had left our bus driver back on the island, so Neil and I got an extra bonus trip to the island and back, just us :)
*** Note ***

We are on Tanna now and the internet is quite shit.  I am not even going to attempt to load photos.  I’ll try and put a few on Instagram, so look there.  

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Ann said...

Glad you had such a good time on Lelepa and Tanna photos are beautiful