08 August 2015

The US of A - Hawaii island (the big island)

We have been really busy here, as apposed to on Fiji.  We have:

  • looked at lava
  • looked at volcanoes
  • looked at lava trees
  • looked at lava tunnels
  • looked at shops
  • shopped
  • found a brewery
  • driven up a really really high mountain
  • talked to protesters
  • gotten altitude sickness (only me)
  • visited a waterfall
  • cached (only a little bit)
  • held a caching event
  • finished my p366 challenge
  • given a hitch hiker a lift
  • visited the kingdom of Hawaii
  • found out about the shit takeover history of Hawaii by the US
  • met hippies
All this in 5 days.  Here are some photos to cover some of these
Lava trees
My event to celebrate p366

Protesters, treaties, and very high mountains (and rare goose)
lava tunnels and glowie stuff

water fall


Ann said...

WOW thats impressive - all of it!

Fay said...

Love your List, the glowie stuff, lava and waterfall. I think I'll have to visit there :)

beesknees said...

yay, sounds like you are having a great time! jealous.
But you made me google 'P366', I am assuming it's the caching thing and not the Crohn's disease thing! hope so anyway!