01 August 2015

All's quiet

I know it's been pretty quiet on the blog recently, but to be frank, there is nothing to report. Seriously. I know it's hard to believe but we have been sitting around doing nothing. Except the odd swim in the pool, a bit of wine or beer, eating and sleeping. Nothing else. 
This is all about to come to an end though. Tomorrow evening we leave Fiji and the Fiji Orchid and land in Hawaii (about 18hrs before we left). Looking at what we have planned to do, I think we will be very busy on Hawaii, pretty cruise-ie on Kauai and a bit busy on O'ahu before we come home (losing a day when we do)
So you can keep and eye out for more posts from us over the last two weeks of our holiday in Hawaii. 

1 comment:

Fay said...

Reading tropical holiday posts are a great antidote to the icy cold we are having, keep them coming :)