11 August 2015

Flight over the Garden Island

The island we are on is Kauai and it is known as the Garden Island.  As soon as I found out about it, and we decided to go here, I decided a flight would be the way to go.  That was about as far as I went when I booked, but when we arrived we started to look into what flight to take.  As you may (or may not know) we both fly for work in the summer for ‘fire’ stuff, we flying isn’t really a big deal for us.  When I found this tour, I knew it was the one for us!!!
It was great, ok, some of the photos might be a bit compromised by the struts of the plane, but it was amazing!! Here are some photos
Us :)

Obviously, I have many more photos that this.....
Cute, it's the red baron!

Also, here is a tiny video,  We had the go pro (recently purchased extremely tough video camera) on the outside of the plane, but unfortunately the setting were wrong and we got no video.  I have organised for it to go one another flight before we go home, so we get some video/photos.


Fay said...

Looking fun or brave or both.

Ann said...

I know how much you'd LOVE it. (not for me :o !) You're very brave.

Ann said...

Love the goggles - a great look :)