20 August 2014

The story so far: travels in Darwin and Kununurra.

We picked up a hire car:
We looked at some views of Darwin:
We saw some of the war damage:
We saw some jets:
We looked at a big gun emplacement:
We found some caches (of course):
We saw some birds:
I got eaten by a crocodile:
We went to the beach:
We went to a night market:
We went to Kununurra and got another hire car:
We went to the Dam:
There were boab trees:
(editors note: Doing this on the laptop, with no mouse, and slow internet speeds is doing my head in.  I am stopping now.  No more long posts til I get back.  Short one photo posts from now on!)

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Ann said...

Short posts are better than none. Hope its all still going well. You still havent said what happened to Neils foot!!!!!