28 March 2009

Day 6 - Castlemain to Albury

Made it! 1938.9 km. I am so glad to be off my bike!
Todays highlights included:
  • An early morning view over the mist filled valley from Mt.Alexandra
    towards Heathcote
  • Dirty roads, some of which I traveled at over 90km/h and included a hole in the road which I dubed "the abortion" bump, cos if you were "with child" before it, you certainly weren't after it
  • A quick stop in the town that hosts top of the river (or what ever) to watch all the snotty private school kids get ready for their regatta
    And finally
  • Lunch in 'Wang' with Steve

Then it was just a quick jaunt up the road to Albury and we're done!!
Except, wait, oh no! What have I forgetten? Yes that's right! We still have to ride all the way back to Melbourne tomorrow!
P.S. Just for any work people who are still reading: I have passed 8 SOBN bores on the side of the road on this trip! Sorry no photos, I was riding.

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Sabine said...

sounds like quite a trip! (finally worked out how to leave a comment....just cause I can't remember my gmail details at work....)