24 March 2009

Day 2 - Kerang to St Arnaud

Today has been lovely so far. The roads have been great, the weather very pleasant and some of the places we have ridden through have been very pretty. My one complaint about this ride would have to be that we aren't following the route closely enough and there have been many Major Mitchell places that have had signs that we haven't stopped at. I mean I know I'm a bit anal about these sorts of things, but if you are meant to be following a trail, then you should follow it!! Oh well, we have decided that we just have do it again, just our selves and follow it better :)
The view from Pyramid Hill was impressive (I really wanted to stop and get a photo, looking towards it, but travelling with a group....), we saw an eagle on a fence post with a dead thing and we have just had an excellent souvlaki for lunch here in St Arnuad. The worst bit about the day so far was been the idiots who have been passing in stupid places.

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beesknees said...

sounds like you're having fun. I am wondering though, what is the advantage of doing this in a group - given the not being able to go to all the stops, take photos and the whingeing about dust