24 March 2009

Day 2 - St Aunaud to Horsham

A nice early day today, it's 3:33 pm and we have arrived. This afternoon had heaps of dirty riding and I did all of it. I was amazed how many people didn't do of. I mean most if these people have GS's, they were designed for dirty , and they didn't even try. There were lots of crys of "oh but my bike will get all dusty!" I mean for gods sake! Pathetic! Anyway I had a great day am especially pleased with myself for the dirt part :)

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Super Mum said...

Love keeping up to date with your travels and really glad its going so well for you.

Yes it is me :) - I have finally signed up to leave comments - You're in trouble now!

Hope to can read them on your spiffy i phone