03 September 2007

London 1

Day one of our two day assault on London. As out transport tickets are off peak, there is no rush to get going, which is good after the shit sleep we have both had.
The train we needed had had a few 'issues' earlier in the day and was a bit busy, but we made it to the Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels. the London Pass made getting in very quick and easy. the jewels were very shiny! The Tower and all it's associated bits, in much the same was as Stirling and Edinburgh Castles, were really interesting, needed all day to look at and had too many people at them, but for some reason, the people aren't bother me as much. Maybe I'm used to it now?
Next we went to the Tower Bridge, which is just down the road. Neil was very impressed with the engines that drove the bridge. I was just a shame they only have them running on compressed air.
Just down the read from there is a really old surgery, that was built for pre-anesthetics and pre-proper hygiene practices. So the whole thing is made of wood. It was built into the roof of a church. When the hospital moved, they closed the surgery and everyone forgot about it. It was found again in (from memory) the 1950's still in almost perfect condition. It was really yukkie.
Heading to the train we discovered that a rail strike was in full swing! Oh No! This meant we had to brave the buses. These were large, red, sardine tins, but we made it home, exhausted again!

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