02 September 2007

Train trip 2: to London

With a minimum of fuss, Mum and Dad dropped us off at Salisbury station. We said goodbye. I hope they have a fun time, I have to admit that Mum's driving had improved with more sleep.
We had an uneventful trip into London and got off at Waterloo station. As we were both fairly tired, we decided not to brave the public transport system for the trip to the hotel. For me it was the ticketing system rather than the trains or the baggage that beat me, I just couldn't work out what to buy!
On the way in the taxi we saw a 'big red bus' shop that we might have to go back and find. By the time we got there (Hyde Park Towers..... oooo flash sounding) it was 1pm. Too early to check in, but we left the bags. Still feeling to scared to use PT, we deiced to walk to the tourist info place, it didn't look very far on the map.
So we made it along Oxford Street to Regent Street, with only a short stop to get food. Then we discovered that Regent Street was having a massive festival and that we were at the wrong end of the street for the i place (we were at ~50ish, the i place was at ~350ish) Eventually we made it there. We picked up our London Passes, with their attached transport passes and headed off into the crowd again. Man there are a lot of people here.
We wondered fairly aimlessly for a bit til we accidentally found the Queen's house, of course a few pictures needed to be taken at this point. Getting tireder and tireder by the step, we walked trough Hyde Park and Kensington Garden back to the Hotel. Then after a short nap in our hot and humid room, we went for dinner.
Approximately every second shop here seems to be a souvenir shop, so there is no shortage of purchasing opportunities.

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