04 September 2007

London 2

Day 2, our final day, as I discovered when I looked at our tickets. We both had in mind our flights left Heathrow at 4pm, but that when we leave Helsinki! We leave London at 10am ish therefore we have to be at the airport before 8am! So cos of the train strike and this being out last day, we did a slight change in plans. We walked to the V&A museum (after booking the expensive, but easy mini bus to the airport, to pick us up between 6.30 and 7am in the morning!)
The V&A was good, lots of things to play with, old stuff, costumes etc (not that you can ever have enough costumes.) 3hrs later and we were strolling up to Harrod's. I wanted to get a bag with a scottie on it (just for something different) :( They didn't have any :(
From there we went to a few shops to pick up a few last touristy things, to see Nelson's column in Trafalgar Square (Neil was wondering what all t he fuss was about). As we were getting tied again, by this stage, we decided to go on a boat trip up the Thames. Quite relaxing, and a good was to see the sights. Unfortunately I couldn't work out where Jack's had taken her really nice photo of herself in a red phone box with Big Ben in the back ground :(
We dropped in to the BBC (they don't have a shop like the ABC here, bugger it), the House of Fraser, where I bought a lovely, if expensive bag and the local sci-fi nerd shop, which was full of all sort of cool nerdy stuff (I could have bought a remote control K9!)
Last stop for the day was to meet up with an old school friend, who I hadn't seen for years, for some beverages. We had a great time catching up, then went on to dinner, which was delicious. A great way to end our last day in London!

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