29 September 2010

Hampton Court Palace

Today, after not one but TWO fire alarms (one at 11:30pm which woke us both up with a terrible fright and one at 8:00am ish just as we were about to go down to breakfast) we headed off to Hampton Court Palace.
This is a place of vareying history from King Henry VIII through to present. We spent the whole day there and it was great not to have to rush so much. Some of the rooms were really amazing. The newer rooms (from William III time) were really disturbingly austintachious.
There where heaps of school kids and we got to meet King Henry VIII, who was wondering around all day, as it was his wedding day. A bit sad I know, but he did look very impressive, as did all the other costumed folk.
We also had a tour of the Royal School of Needlework. Some of the things on display were very interesting and it is odd to hear that people can make a career in embroidery in the UK, which you never could at home.
Right now we are back on the bus heading to Tilney Hall (which is near Hook), where we will stay for the next two nights. We also have a 'flash' dinner tonight which will be interesting. I think I will be able to wear my pretty shoes, as I won't have to go outside.

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neety said...

Louise, I great up just across the river from Hampton Court Palace in East Molesey and spent many Sunday afternoons in the palace gardens. My great aunt worked as a tapestry restorer nearby. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit.