30 September 2010

Stitching day with Jenny

Today was our first stitching day. Both mum and I were fairly sure we wouldn't be able to sew for a whole day, but Jenny, our most excellent tutor, made it easy. I usually only cross stitch and was determined to try something new. I picked one on the needle work kits which had all sorts of stitches, most of which I still don't know the names of. I was really amazed how much I achieved in the day and how quickly the time few. My kit makes a little vista with three castle towers, some bushes, water, a hill and the sun. I got the hill and all three castle towers sew up. Now the question will be what to do at the next stitching day, as I am keen to keeping going on this kit, but there might be some thing else new and exciting I might need to try.

After sewing all day mum and I headed off with four other ladies on the tour into Hook, the nearest town, to find a pub for dinner. I mean posh is all very we and good, but it gets to be a bit much after a while. I had a small dinner, with much cider.

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