28 September 2010

London attractions

So I said bye bye to Neil this morning. I am completely positive he won't be posting to the blog of his adventures, so I don't know how any of us will find out what he will be upto for the next nearly 2 weeks.
Our first stop was a bus trip to the V&A. This would have been easier to walk to, but moving on. Our tour lady was very nice and she took us to look at things I would normally not looked twice at, so it was very informative. We realty didnt have enoght time there, but I get the feeling you could spend two weeks in there and still feel like you didn't have enough time there.
Next stop was Liberty of London. Very nice and everything but really it is just a shop! I got myself a tiny present and something for fiona. Then mum and I went to look in some nearby stores. I also took this opertunity to sort the phone debarkle. I now have a proper UK number. Now all I need is some wifi to email it to people.
Last stop for the day was afternoon tea at the Ritz. This is not something I would have ever done myself, but it was nice and the building was very beautiful. I ate too many cakes.

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beesknees said...

yay too many cakes! especially at the Ritz