28 July 2007

Edinburgh - Christmas party

Jacki had organised to have tome people around in the afternoon for a Christmas in July party – Australian style, ie: BBQ, beer and (in theory at least) warm weather, well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad! No really, the weather was fairly good, there were only a few spots of rain. So we spent the day getting a few last minute items for the party (ie beer chips) from the supermarket (we got there right the first time this time) and decorating the courtyard for the party.
The guests arrived and were so many and varied, that we all seemed to need little flags on our shirts to say where we were from there were only a few locals. One lady has very generously loaned us a few books on the geology of the north which will aid out up coming tripping around, I’m sure
The BBQ itself was a bit of an education. It was tiny, only had a wire grill thing and was FILTHY! I turned all the rocks in the base of it over which helped a bit. Neil did most of the cooking, as the Aussie bloke in attendance, and was completely discussed with the quality of the meat on offer. I had sausages in a blanket and they were fine. I got very tired and went to bed fairly early, but Neil stayed up and partied for a bit longer and I don’t even remember him coming to bed.

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