29 July 2007

Edinburgh - Neil's hangover

I woke up the next day at 6.30am, already to go. Most of the house was quite hung over. I jumped on a bus at ¼ to 8 and went down the road to see the Queens ship Britannia. I knew it wouldn’t be open at that time but it was some where to go, as all he tourist places didn’t open til 10.30am. I got home about an hour or so later and dragged a mildly seedy Neil out of bed. Jack had done something awful to her back and wasn’t able to even get out of bed. After a slight delay it was decided that we should go off and Jack would ring us later. We headed into town and to the i place (Information Centre, for all those that don’t speak Louise) we found out about the Scottish Heritage pass and picked up a 7 of 14 day one of these each, we did our first email session and I bought a mug with a Scottie on it. Neil was still feeling seedy at this stage so we walked towards the Royal Mile. We looked at all the touristy shops and went up to the tattoo venue. It’s WAY smaller that it looks on the telly. We also went to a tartan mill at the top of the mile which was basically a huge shop, not a mill at all.
For Neil’s “my hangover is gone, it’s time to feed me now” meal we had curry at a really nice place called Khushi’s, yum. I took a picture of the wreckage of our meal.
Jacki rang at this stage to let us know she had been to the hospital and gotten “powerful” drugs. We would meet up with her after she went to church.
The we went down to the Greyfriers Bobby statue (really sad story, not going into it, google it) caught the bus the wrong direction, walked back, walked for miles in the right direction, tried to catch another bus to the ‘dynamic earth’ place, discovered we were only 2 stops away, then walked the rest of the way there. By this stage it was 4pm and we were both nackered! Our plan to walk up Arther's seat that afternoon was scrapped. The displays in the Dynamic Earth were really well done. Although I do have concerns for the English (or in this case Scottish) liking for animatronics and people dressed up in costumes explaining stuff.
We had a yummy snack of some pizza like stuff and a huge bread thing with mushrooms , onion and a cream sauce. Yum.
Whilst stagger back to a bus stop that would take us home, we found an excellent souvenir place, actually run by a Scottish lady. I accidentally bought a toy Scottie he he he he. (and some other Scottie things, and the book I am writing all this stuff in before typing it as internet is hard to find and REALLY expensive.)
When we caught up with Jack, as she was a little drugged, we decided to have fish and ships for tea again, yum.

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