30 July 2007


We picked up the car bright and early, bid Jacki adu and many thanks, until we see her again in around 10 days, after our journey through the Highlands. On our way out of Edinburgh, apart from nearly following a bus into a bus only bit, we saw the half built Pantheon (Edinburgh’s Shame), Nelsons column and other things on Carlton Hill and (of course) the Fourth River rail bridge, very exciting. We decided NOT to go to ‘Deep Sea World’ as it was £10 and full of under 5’s.
We continued up the motorway on the M90 til Kincross which was the first place we saw with and i sign (see previous entry for translation). We met a very nice lady, Carol, who gave up at least a ream of paper worth of handouts and booked out accom for us here at Pitlochry. We are in a nice B&B for the next two nights, walking distance from town. We went the scenic route from Kinross to Pitlochry, which was really lovely and had many places along the way that were far too dangerous to stops and take photos. Even thought I’d have love too. We discovered the radio with the best music so have is BBC Gaelic.
We had a really ordinary dinner in a rally nice looking pub (Neil is convinced the whole lot came out of the microwave) then went for a walk. We found McNaughtons of Pitlochry, which Mum recommended as the place to get a kilt from, a huge Hydroelectric dam with a great fish ladder and lots of shops with pretty jewellery. We haven’t found the lovely looking pressed leather stuff yet, but we will.

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