31 July 2007

Pitlochry - tour of too much

Today started off with a plan. It even followed the plan for a bit. We left Pitlochry and went to the Dunfallandry stone, a really old Pict Cross. We the passed Dunkeld to go to the Meigle Pict stone Museum (from our Historic Scotland passes) Not being “insitu” detracted a bit (they were in a an old church) but very impressive. Neil acquired a seahorse picture. So far so good, plan still on track. As we had started out passes, and you can go to a many things as you like once you have had that day marked off, we decided we had to get two places in on this day, as we added Edzell Castle to the pan. Unfortunately this took rather longer than I thought, but the wan was really very nice and friends, the castle was really interesting, ~I met some nice Westies and their people, then my camera went flat. We went on to Brechin to a train, that was closed, which was a bummer. Then, on the way to Dundee, which we were already starting to run late for, Neil added two more historic places, (both of which were good, but that’s not the point!) there were some more Pict crosses, which were just sitting on the side of the road and two huge fill forts (white and brown caterthun), also from the Pict era (we only walked up one).
The trip to Dundee was uneventful, apart from running late, it was in Dundee that things went wrong. We got really lost. Stooopied maps didn’t help a bit, then it was peak hour. It mean it was after five by the time we got to Perth so we missed the glass maker and the Scone palace. I mean the observatory in Dundee was ok, but……….
We stopped in Dunkeld on the was back to Pitlochry to check out the stuffed we missed (a jeweler and the Beatrix Potter display). We decided the jeweller and a leather shop we found were worth a trip back there in the morning. We went back to Pitlochry, had dinner, a beer and went to bed. We were both completely dead!
Oh Yes, I accidentally bought 2 polar fleeces and a pair of trousers.

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