27 July 2007

Edinburgh - valuts tour and others

After a bit of a sleep in we got up and decided we should head to the supermarket that Jack had pointed out the day before from the bus. So we gathered our bits and pieces and headed out the door, or in this case the gate. We took six steps to the right, turned round, took seven steps to the left, and turned back inside to get the map!
Eventually we nearly made it to the supermarket, except at the last intersection we turned the completely wrong direction and walked about a km the wrong way. We were both completely sure we were going the right direction!!
We picked up snacks, shampoo, snacks and toothpaste and wondered back. We stopped at a really old church and took pictures of the cool tombstones. By the time we’d had a short rest at Jack’s place is was time to jump on a bus (there isn’t any there isn’t really any other sorts of PT here) and go into town to meet Jack Jack for the tour she had organised for us: Secrets of the Royal Mile. While we were waiting for the tour to start there was an awful incident with a stoopied American and deliberately stomping on a pigeon and breaking its wing. The groups demented tour guide had to be embarrassed into doing anything about it. Quite awful. The tour, on the other hand, was great. My camera went plat, but Neil took lots of pictures. It really helped put the old part of town into context. Then we had a quick pint and a snack before heading back to Jacks for fish and chips for tea and bed – Absolutely stuffed!

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